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In the middle of the archipelago of Japan and situated close to the North Pacific Ocean is Japan’s capital, Tokyo, a fascinating and exhilarating city.  Even though there are over 12 million people inhabiting this city, you are able to find the futuristic fast-paced, high-tech culture as well as the peaceful, old traditional Japanese style culture and customs.

The mega metropolis of Tokyo actually consists of approximately 23 central city wards and several other cities and islands near Honshu.  These 23 wards contain one-third of Japan’s population.  That’s 8 million of the 12 million reside in central Tokyo.

Before the 1900’s central Tokyo, then called Edo, was Japan’s political center where leaders established their feudal governments.  After years of Edo’s growth, the emperor and nation’s capital moved from Kyoto to Edo and was reclaimed and renamed as Tokyo.  Since then many air raids and earthquakes have shaken the city and destroyed many historic and traditional areas, however central Tokyo has prevailed and has developed into what it is today; a clean, busy, bright, energetic, high-tech and efficient metropolitan city.

Tokyo is full of activities and adventure.  Whatever type of person you are, Tokyo has something for you.  If you like the Tokyo fashion, Tokyo’s busy central districts like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Roppongi are great for shopping.  Heavenly temples and Zen shrines are also a must see in Japan.  The famous Sensoji Temple in the Asakusa area is a beautiful, spiritual haven where you can discover your luck with the Japanese fortune teller sticks in the temple.  Tokyo also has concert halls and traditional performances at Japanese theaters for music and theatre lovers.  You can find American Broadway shows translated into Japanese with Japanese performers.  Museums and art galleries for the artistic, playful, and serious can also be seen at your leisure.


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