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Japan Climate

In general Japan is a rainy and highly humid country.  Japan has very varied climate temperatures owing to its extended geographic location.  Japan’s long latitudinal shape experiences similar climate conditions to the eastern United States.  Japan too has four distinct seasons throughout the year: spring, summer, autumn/fall, and winter.


Spring Season

This time of the year, March to May, might be the best time to travel to Japan.  The weather is warm but not too sweltering hot and during this time rainfall is at its lowest.  Tourists also come to Japan during this season because of the beautiful cherry blossoms that Japan is so renowned for, from March until April.  However be careful of traveling during Golden Week which is from April 27 to May 6, Japan is very crowded and most hotels and restaurants are fully booked.


Summer Season

June to August starts the summer season.  It begins with the very rainy period of June.  Approximately 75 percent of Japan’s annual precipitation occurs from June to September.  Then temperature and humidity starts to climb reaching around the 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius in August.  August also starts the Japanese typhoon season.  This period from August to October brings even more precipitation and harsh winds.  Be careful and always check the daily weather forecasts.


Autumn/Fall Season

The beginning of autumn can still be quite hot and humid and frequented by typhoons, however most of this season brings a more endurable and enjoyable weather climate.  This is also a great time to visit Japan.  From September to November cool breezes are refreshing compared to the sweltering summer heat and humidity.  At this time foliage starts to turn beautiful colors and the climate is dry and mild.


Winter Season

The winter season is the driest time of the year.  The only precipitation is the snowfall in the north and west coast of Japan where it is good for winter sports.  December to February has very short days, 5:00 pm sunsets, and very cold temperatures, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius. 


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